Makeup Class Policy

Our standard policy does not include offering makeup classes for missed sessions, as our group sessions are typically at full capacity and accommodating individual absences becomes impractical. However, we do recognize that there may be exceptional circumstances where a child cannot attend their scheduled session.
In such rare cases, we may make special arrangements to accommodate the child within the same week. If your child is unable to attend their scheduled session, you can request attendance for another session within the same week by emailing us at least 48 hours before their regular class time.
We will assess your request and, if approved, your child may attend another session that week, depending on available spots due to other students’ absences. On the day of the alternative session, your child will wait outside the classroom until attendance is taken, and if there are vacancies due to planned or last-minute absences, they will be allowed to join the class. The weekly study cycle runs from Monday to Sunday, with Sunday serving as the final day. Missing a session on Sunday would mean missing all sessions for that week.
It’s crucial to understand that students missing their regular Sunday class may not get alternative session unless they have provided advance notice and are provided with an alternative class within the same week, subject to the conditions mentioned above.
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