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Children are full of life- full of exuberance and creativity. They are interested in play and fun, which is, in fact, a healthy sign. Parents and teachers wonder why children are not inclined towards studies. They seldom realise that study devoid of fun do not interest children and is often counter-productive.
Some parents try the traditional strategies involving the usage of punitive measures and fear to drive children to studies.
Fear cannot result in developing affinity for studies, or for that matter, anything. Fear does not yield the desired results and can be at the most, a negative motivational tool. Anything done under duress or fear does not give us satisfaction. Do we want our children to be dissatisfied? Certainly NOT. Parents’ and teachers’ intentions are not wrong, only their perspective is one dimensional and preoccupied with making children passive learners.
Research points out to the fact that children do well in an interesting and motivational learning environment that caters to their individual needs. This holds good for any learning –music, sports or even academics. The core issue is to innovate ways that propel children to study, creating that intellectual need among-st them.
Creating this need to do well academically and then empowering children to realize their inherent potential is what we, at Melbourne Tutorials, strive for. We aim to inspire our students through positive motivation techniques, by thoroughly understanding their unique strengths and areas of improvement and making studies interesting for each child based on our vast experience.
We instill in our students the confidence, the capabilities and the courage to challenge themselves, to rise above a mediocre level and enjoy studies. Once this is achieved, success does not remain elusive. In addition to being subject matter experts, our teachers work towards understanding children and their unique educational needs and deliver learning in a holistic, efficient and interesting manner. That’s Smart Studies!
Having an academic background, being closely associated with education, and enabling my own children to succeed in Mac Rob and Melbourne High School exams, my vision was to carve a niche for Melbourne Tutorials as an education provider with tutoring, coaching and mentoring rolled into one, where we can innovate and continuously improve. No wonder I didn’t buy a franchise of some big names and instead, envisioned and created a brand!

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