How to address the teachers?

Melbourne Tutorials fosters a culture of respect:

Fostering a culture of respect means valuing professional relationships based on healthy boundaries.
We respect all of our clients, both parents and students, irrespective of any differences.
Parents play a vital role in children’s education, and building a positive relationship with their teachers is crucial. One way to show respect and establish this relationship is by addressing teachers with a formal title, such as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’, followed by their name. This practice may seem outdated to some; however, it is generally considered a polite and respectful practice in many educational settings.

Parents are requested to use salutation (Mr. or Ms.) followed by the teachers’ first or last name in all forms of communication including emails.
If parents are not sure of the first or last name, you may ask the teacher, please.


Mr. John, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Jasmeet, Mr Singh etc.

Parents may also address the teacher as ‘Teacher’ or ‘Sir/ Ma’am’, whatever they are comfortable with.
The provisions apply for all staff as well.

Similarly, parents shall be addressed as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ followed by their first or last names.

As mentioned above, these norms are followed in many prestigious institutes, schools in Australia.

Why are parents requested to use proper salutation?

Here are the most important reasons:
  • Melbourne Tutorials workplace norms
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Parental language impacts child’s attitude and behaviour
  • Parental support for compliance
  • Expressing gratitude towards teachers
Thanks for your understanding and best wishes!
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