Selective Entry Schools

Selective Entry High Schools

Selective entry high schools are for high-achieving students in years 9 to 12.
These schools accept students through a competitive entrance exam. Some enrolments are also made based on equity consideration or at the discretion of the school principal.
Students must be in their second year of secondary school to apply to sit the entrance exam. This is usually year 8.

There are four selective entry high schools in Victoria:

Melbourne High School (boys only) in South Yarra.
The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School (girls only) in Melbourne.
Nossal High School (boys and girls) in Berwick.
Suzanne Cory High School (boys and girls) in Werribee.

At selective entry high schools:

5% Rule

There are a limited number of places. A maximum of 5% of Year 8 students from any one school can be accepted across the four selective entry high schools. The exam includes five tests:
The entire exam takes about three hours. There is usually one 15-minute break.

The test is not just about sound conceptual framework and accuracy but also about time management as students have to do about 50 to 60 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes.


60 Questions/30 Minutes

Verbal Reasoning

60 Questions/30 Minutes

Numerical Reasoning

50 Questions/30 Minutes

Reading Comprehension

50 Questions/30 Minutes

Persuasive Or Creative Writing

Full Text/30 Minutes

Melbourne Tutorials offers Selective Entry preparation classes including practice tests to give our students a clear idea of the level of exam and expectations. For those students who are unable to undertake our regular classes, we can offer package of practice tests to sharpen their skills.

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