Selective Entry Schools

Selective entry high schools are for high-achieving students in years 9 to 12

Selective entry high schools are for high-achieving students in years 9 to 12.
These schools accept students through a competitive entrance exam. Some enrolments are also made based on equity consideration or at the discretion of the school principal.
Students must be in their second year of secondary school to apply to sit the entrance exam. This is usually year 8.
There are four selective entry high schools in Victoria:
Melbourne High School (boys only) in South Yarra.
The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School (girls only) in Melbourne.
Nossal High School (boys and girls) in Berwick.
Suzanne Cory High School (boys and girls) in Werribee.
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Selective Entry Selection Process:

A centralised selection process is used whereby every candidate must sit the entry exam. While each school fills 85% of its Year 9 enrolment based on a candidate’s performance in the exam, there are a range of variables that may affect final offers each year. These include:
The above system is illustrated in the table below:
School Name Year 8 Student Enrollment Standard Offers Equity Offers Principal’s Discretion Offers Total Offers
ABC High School 100 4 1 N/A 5
P-9 School 50 4 1 1 6

Exam Structure:

The SEHS entrance exam is a written assessment, designed to test ability rather than achievement and will include a focus on higher order thinking skills.
The required knowledge in any section will not exceed that found in the Year 8 curriculum.
The SEHS entrance exam will include:

Reasoning in Reading, Mathematics

General Ability – Verbal, Quantitative and Writing

It will contain multiple choice questions and written tasks.
Reasoning tasks in Reading and Mathematics assess a student’s ability to use their life and academic knowledge and skills and apply them to problems and tasks using the information provided in the task.
General ability tasks assess a student’s ability to learn in each of the tested areas by allowing the student to demonstrate their higher order thinking and problem-solving skills.
The test is not just about sound conceptual framework and accuracy but also about time management as students have to do about 50 to 60 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes.

Reasoning: Mathematics

35 questions/ 30 minutes

Reasoning: Reading Comprehension

35 questions/ 30 minutes

Ability: Verbal

60 questions / 30 minutes

Ability : Quantitative

35 questions/ 30 minutes

Writing: Persuasive and Narrative texts

02 texts/ 40 minutes

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