Scholarship Exams

Various schools offer very few scholarships for academic excellence. Different schools have different criteria for selection. Along with academic excellence, overall engagement in sport, co-curricular programs, community service and contribution to school service may also be taken into consideration.
The exams are generally conducted at grade 6 level for year 7 entry.

A word of caution

Edutest is the most common testing agency for these exams.
This can result in an anomaly where students opting for one of these scholarship exams on one hand and SEAL entrance exam on the other are allowed to take the exam only once and the marks in the exam are considered for the other selection also.
For example a student ‘X’ applies for the scholarship program for Westbourne Grammar and also for the SEAL program at Werribee Secondary College. Thus the students ‘X’ takes the exam conducted by Edutest in February for Westbourne Grammar scholarship Program . This student will not be allowed to undertake the exam for Werribee Secondary College SEAL Program conducted by Edutest despite the two programs being totally different.
Students may lose their chance at SEAL entrance exams due to this reason.

We consider these exams as important milestones in the student’s academic journey Melbourne Tutorials offers scholarship exam preparation classes including practice tests to give our students a clear idea of the level of exam and expectations. For those students who are unable to undertake our regular classes, we can offer package of practice tests to sharpen their skills.

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