Parents, with all their high expectations, generally find it tough to make their children study.School classrooms are generally overcrowded and the students are not adequately challenged.

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Why Melbourne Tutorials

To become academic achievers, children need an environment that’s developmentally challenging and interesting, an environment that motivates them to assume ownership of their studies. That’s the key to becoming successful learners.

Melbourne Tutorials specialises in tutoring, coaching and mentoring students from preschool to VCE.
We offer group and individualised support to students for academic excellence. Our classes include preparing for NAPLAN and ICAS, entrance exams of the immensely competitive SEAL and Scholarship programs, and the highly sought-after Selective Entry schools of Victoria.

What we offer

Our classes, broadly categorised as Accelerated, Advanced and Basic, aim at providing the students with a stimulating and challenging learning environment much beyond the expected levels at schools. Our teaching model, right from grade 1, is based on the Selective Entry model as we strongly believe that academic excellence in children can be nurtured with the right guidance at the right age.

We believe in establishing strong, professional relationships with the students and parents and strive to challenge, motivate and achieve the learning goals.


The admissions at Melbourne Tutorials happen through an Expression of Interest. Kindly complete Expression of Interest for your child to enlist your child on the waitlist.

Term Dates 2024

Melbourne Tutorials

Pinnacle of academic excellence

Selective entry high schools

Selective entry high schools are for high-achieving students in years 9 to 12.These schools accept students


Victorian Government secondary schools have been operating specific programs at authorised schools.


The National Assessment Program is run at the direction of the Education Council (previously known as SCSEEC).


The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools or ICAS Assessments are online assessments, conducted by UNSW Global

Academic Assessments

The purpose of these assessments to ascertain the current level of the student and to offer the optimal group in terms of levels

Exam Prepation

The National Assessment Program is run at the direction of the Education Council (previously known as SCSEEC).

Skills Improvement

Students improve various skills in literacy and numeracy as they attend our intensive classroom sessions.

Individual Support Sessions

Melbourne Tutorials class structure is based on group studies undertaken with similar capability peers

Interveiw And Application Preparation

Melbourne Tutorials offers services in relation to Application Preparation for admissions to Selective Schools


A sound vocabulary is crucial not only for academic success

Wordchamp: Vocabulary Competition for School Children

All participants will also get a Certificate of Participation. If there are joint winners in any category, the prize will be equally divided.

Spellchamp: Spelling Competition for School Children

Date: 20th December 2020 Location : Melbourne Tutorials, Palmers Gateway Truganina Participation Fee: $15 per student.

Spellchamp- Spelling Competition for School Children

Date : 05 Oct 2019
Location :Melbourne Tutorials, Level 2, Office 1, Palmers Gateway ( Cnr of Leakes and Palmers Rds.),Truganina Participation Fee: $15 per student.

Melbourne Tutorials is organising an Information session

The decision of the organisers will be final in relation to any aspect of the conduct of the event.


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