Fee 2024

Fee Structure 2024

Group Session Duration Term Fee (Inclusive of Resource fee and GST)
Naplan 3.5 hours $500
Prep 2 hours $560
1st to Grade 6 2.5 hours $660
Year 7 Selective Entry 2.5 hours $700
Year 7 and 8 Selective Entry 3.0 hours $800
Year 9 and 10 Selective Entry 3.0 hours $850

Melbourne Tutorials charges fees on a full-term basis. The fee is to be paid for the entire term without the option for pro-rata or partial payments.

Selective Entry Support Services

Session Fee
Application Support (Principal’s Discretion) $150
Interview Support (Principal’s Discretion) $100

Sibling Discount

Melbourne Tutorials has developed an online portal of practice questions for various grades to give our students the competitive edge for various academic competitions and exams like NAPLAN, SEAL, Selective Entry etc. If a student leaves Melbourne Tutorials at any point during the year, the access to the online portal shall be immediately withdrawn. The continuity of the student with Melbourne Tutorials is a pre-condition to be able to access the online portal.

Change Of Mind

Please note, the minimum engagement at Melbourne Tutorials is for one Term. Melbourne Tutorials sends you an Admission Form based on your Expression of Interest. This is the admission offer and we reserve a place for your child when we send you the form. Once you have accepted the admission offer and have paid the term fee (including resource fee, if applicable), you have confirmed the place for your child.
In the event you change your mind, due to whatever reason, any fee paid is non-refundable.

Please make up your mind before accepting the admission offer. There is no refund due to a change of mind.

Visiting Overseas / Going on Holidays / Planned Absence

In case you have plans to go overseas/ holidays during any term, including any planned absence, please do not join during that term. The place can be utilised by the next waitlist student. Once you have deposited the term fee, we book the child’s place for the entire term.

There will be no credit adjustment, refund of fee or compensation class if the child does not attend due to any reason mentioned above.

Unplanned Absence

During unplanned absence for whatever reasons, Melbourne Tutorials may provide resources upon request depending on the merits of the case. Please email Admin at admin@melbournetutorials.com.au explaining the situation.

Term Fee Payment

An invoice for the next term shall be sent to parents in the sixth week of the ongoing term with a payment due date (ordinarily 10 days from the invoice date). After this date, the place will be allocated to waitlist students.
The continuity of the child in the next term shall depend on the timely payment of the next term fee.
If there is no communication from the parents, the place shall be allocated to the next waitlist student.

Timely Payment Of Term Fee

Parents are requested for timely payment of the full-term fees by the due dates.
Once the fee is paid by the due date, the place is booked for a particular student for the entire term and we do not accommodate more students than the earmarked number.
The term fee is NON-REFUNDABLE in case the parents decide to discontinue the studies for any reason. Once the child attends even one class of the term, the entire term fee is applicable.
Please note that by enrolling your child to Melbourne Tutorials, you agree to adhere to the fee terms and other terms and conditions on this website and on the enrollment form. These terms and conditions are non-negotiable.

We Would Not Like To Chase The Parents For Fees Due To The Following Reasons

Thanks & best wishes!


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