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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Large class sizes.

Blended classrooms with different grades( e.g. 3 and 4) attending the class together.

School curriculum scaled to achieve average outcomes.

Lack of engaging homework/ assignments to reinforce the concepts learnt.

Student performance evaluation and reporting system is very generic.

Our values are Academic Excellence, Advanced Learning Outcomes, Ongoing Support , Mutual Respect and Continuous Innovation

Our academic outcomes are much higher than the School outcomes. This is achieved by intertwining Selective Entry Level outcomes in our studies from an early stage.

We help shape our children’s confidence by working on their strengths and bridging the gaps. We endeavour to bring about a transformation process in children to realise their actual potential.

Our teaching practices enable our children to get motivated, organised, learn how to study smarter as they learn crucial examination related techniques.

We have different groups of the same grade studying on different days/ times. This ensures children are studying with academically compatible peers who are equivalent in terms of their academic levels for a streamlined learning environment.

Regular assessments and feedback.

Parents will see changes in their child at home and in school. This also influences behaviours such as increased confidence and enthusiasm as well as a more positive approach to studies.

The group sizes are determined and monitored to ensure teaching effectiveness and may vary depending on the students' levels. A single grade may have different groups of varying classrooms sizes.

No, the cost of tutoring gives the student access to a wide selection of resources. Any purchase of extra material from book stores is optional.

We align with the Australian curriculum standards, however, our learning outcomes are much advanced ( minimum 1 year ahead) as compared to the school outcomes. We work on the Selective Entry Model of Learning from a very early stage.

The child’s learning does not necessarily depend on the amount of homework the child is doing.

Melbourne Tutorials has a clearly spelt out Homework Policy and Procedures for Homework Submission and Evaluation.

We acknowledge that the children differ in their capacities to study at home, particularly when they are new to the environment of pursuing academic excellence. The students will try to complete the HW, as much as they can, balancing their school work and various co-curricular activities. New students need time to settle down. As we build up their capacities and focus and also try to maximise their potential, they definitely deserve a transition phase and support. While emphasising the fact that HW needs to be adequate in quantity to keep the students constructively engaged and to aid learning, parents are requested to exercise discretion in HW completion based on available time and the child’s capacity.

The main thing is that the students should be in consistent touch with studies including the concepts explained in the class and need to demonstrate understanding and competence in the topics covered. Quality of HW submitted is of prime importance. The unfinished portions of the homework, if any, may be completed during the holidays.

One session per week is recommended for maximum children, however, if a child is struggling in school two or three tutoring sessions per week are recommended in order to see progress and bring the child at par with other children.

Once the child reaches the expected level, the engagement can be reverted to one session per week.

Melbourne Tutorials offers convenient after-school, evening and weekend sessions, however, talk to us if you’re still finding it hard to schedule sessions, we’ll work together to create a schedule that suits your needs.

This will depend on the individual child and their academic needs and goals. When signing up with Melbourne Tutorials, students usually commit to a minimum of one school term to ensure the child establishes routine and gets the most out of the program .

Our tutors include subject matter experts and highly experienced teachers.

All tutors undergo Working With Children check process.

Please refer to our Fee structure. https://melbournetutorials.com.au/fee-structure/

No, we do not provide a make-up session as it is not feasible.

Different children in a group missing the class on different days precludes having a planned make-up class to cater
to all these children.

Melbourne Tutorials charges a term fee that books the child’s place for the entire term. There are two options available:
  1. You may take a term break and come back in the next term if there is a spot.
  2. You may reserve the place for the entire term by paying the full fee. This ensures your child retains the spot.
Please read the information at https://melbournetutorials.com.au/term-dates/

Invoices for the next term are sent latest by the 9 th week. It is the parents’ responsibility to pay the fee on time.

If a parent is facing hardship or extreme circumstances, kindly do not hesitate to be in touch with us.

If fee is not paid on time and there is no communication in this regard, we’d be constrained to withdraw the
child’s enrolment and allocate the place to the next waitlist student.

Other Questions

Melbourne Tutorials takes pride in maintaining a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who have completed a range of graduate and postgraduate degrees in their respective fields of specialisation. Our selection process is rigorous, focusing on the qualifications, skills and expertise of our educators.

It is important to note that our teachers are not  school/ university students; they are seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This ensures that our students receive the highest quality education from instructors who have a deep understanding of their subjects.

A VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) qualification is not a prerequisite for teaching at Melbourne Tutorials, as it does not fully capture the breadth and depth of expertise that can be achieved through a comprehensive university education.

The qualifications of teachers range from Masters degrees to pursuing doctorates

At Melbourne Tutorials, our teachers appreciate the fact that different schools have different cultures of learning environments. Hence, we have been nurturing a culture of respect, discipline and advanced learning outcomes (beyond school curricula) which is upheld by all instructors.

All of our teachers have been demonstrating exceptional capabilities and commitment not only in their subject of proficiency but also in their passion and love for guiding and supporting children in their learning.

Our commitment to excellence in education is reflected in the exceptional results of our students.

Firstly, it is important to address the underlying implications of questions about the ethnicity or nationality of our teachers. Such questions can inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes or suggest that certain backgrounds are more qualified or capable than others.

At Melbourne Tutorials, we firmly reject any form of racism or discrimination as outlined in the Constitution of Australia. We celebrate the diversity of our community and recognise that excellence in teaching is not determined by one's background but by their expertise, dedication and ability to inspire students.

We have a multicultural team of dedicated teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to the classroom. While most of our teachers have completed their primary, secondary and tertiary education in Australia, we also recognise and value the contributions of teachers who have obtained their foundational qualifications from overseas and supplemented them with Australian credentials.

Our stance is clear: we do not discriminate based on race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, or any other form of difference.

We are unwavering in our commitment to creating an inclusive learning environment where every individual feels respected, valued and supported.


While we understand the curiosity and desire to experience our teaching firsthand, we do not offer trial classes, and we have valid reasons for this approach.

Our commitment at Melbourne Tutorials is to provide a consistent and high-quality learning environment for all our students. We believe that a trial class may not truly reflect the full value and benefits of our comprehensive educational program. Education is a journey that requires commitment, consistency and a long-term vision. A single trial class may not provide an accurate representation of the holistic learning experience we offer.

Moreover, trial classes can disrupt the flow and continuity of our existing classes. Our teachers dedicate their time and effort to meticulously plan and deliver lessons tailored to the specific needs of our enrolled students. Introducing new students in a trial class can create disruptions and distractions for both the teacher and the existing students. We strive to maintain a focused and engaging learning environment for all our students, ensuring that each individual receives the attention and support they deserve.

Instead of trial classes, we offer detailed information about our teaching methodologies and curriculum along with the testimonials and success stories of past and current students alike.

We believe that this provides a more comprehensive understanding of the quality of education we offer.


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