How to Learn Mathematics Formulas

As Selective Entry students are waiting for the exam date it is important to ensure a firm grasp over the relevant formulas.

For most students, the task becomes daunting due to the numerous formulas that students have to learn. Consequently, the students might end up confused and stressed before the actual examination.

Learning formulas gives students confidence and boosts their self-esteem. The test is a race against time involving 60 questions to be done in 30 minutes. If the students are not sure of the relevant formula for a particular question, they remain confused and tend to take much more time in solving a question and may still get the answer wrong.

Here are some practical memory tricks to help you remember Mathematics formulas more effectively.

Develop Understanding

  • Understand how the formula is derived. Once you understand the logic behind the formula, learning becomes easy.

Formula Notebook and Formula wall

  • Make a small notebook to write all the formulas topic and subtopic wise. This is your Formula notebook. Keep adding all the formulas into this. For example, Exponents, Straight Line, Probability, Statistics, Financial Maths, Areas, Volumes etc.
  • You may also write the same formulas on loose A4 paper sheets and stick them up in your study to make a “Formula wall”.


  • Allocate a specific time during the day for formula revision- 30 minutes per day. This time can be gradually reduced (25 minutes, 20 minutes, 15 minutes etc.) as you start having the formulas imprinted in your mind.
  • Use the formula notebook and wall to revise.
  • Use the technique- Look, Say, Cover Write, taking one topic at a time
  • Rote learning: Learn the formulas as a repetitive process. Keep revising.

Do Practice Questions base on the formulas

  • Do practice questions to use the specific formulas. Write the formula before you solve any question.

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